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SpreadX provides all of the mold services you would need for your residential and commercial mold service needs.  We are certified, insured, and have years of experience.


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Mold Inspection

If you are feeling the health effects of mold, see visible mold, or notice a change in indoor air quality, it may be a good idea to get a ceritified mold inspection.  Even if you had a flood recently, a mold inspection is a good idea to get to protect your property.

  • Industry certified mold inspection by NAERMC, OSHA, NAMP.
  • Complete visual inspection.
  • Locate moisture buildups, flooding, water traps.
  • Air mold test.  Analyzed by an independent lab.
  • Full detailed reporting and analysis.

Indoor Air Quality Cleaning

You spend most of your life indoors.  Therefore it has a strong impact on your health.  By keeping your property free of indoor air quality pollutants, you keep everyone healthy, and positive. SpreadX is the Triad’s best indoor air quality cleaning service.  You can be assured fresh indoor air.

  • SpreadX is a NAERMC Green Indoor Air Quality Specialist.
  • Indoor air quality testing using advanced sensors.
  • Detailed questioning to figure out source of air quality problem.
  • We follow EPA guidelines.

Disinfecting Services

Sometimes entire areas need thorough a disinfecting service.  Maybe a lot of people on your property have suddenly gotten sick.  This means that there may be a bacteria or virus present causing ill health effects. Our disinfecting services use state of the art technology to solve this.

  • EPA certified, green, non-invasive disinfecting techniques.
  • Medical grade.
  • Sterilization fogging.
  • High powered UV light
  • Electrostatic sterilization.

General Services

Mold Inspection

We provide a full assessment of your commercial or residential spaces mold footprint.

Mold Prevention

We open up airflow to places with potential for mold growth, reducing future mold removal.

Vehicle Maintenance

Sometimes mold removal is needed in your vehicles due to storms, cleaning, or leaks in your vehicle.  We fix that.

Vent, Duct Cleaning

Mold can build up in vents, and ducts where condensation forms.  We clean it, improving your air.

Air Quality Restoration

Air quality affects your health and mood.  We test, and restore it to the strictest EPA standards.

Maintenance Service

In some environments, mold is a constant. Regular maintenance may be required to keep it at bay.

Odor Removal

 We use non-toxic, eco-friendly, smell neutralizing products to keep your air quality smelling fresh.

Air Pollution Monitor

Advanced monitoring tests the air for toxic pollutants like formaldehyde, and other compounds.

Commercial Property

We remove mold from your business, so that it passes inspections and doesn’t harm your people.

Attic Cleaning

High temperatures and poor ventilation in attics is perfect for mold.  We clean and prevent mold here.

Water Proofing

Water is the main culprit in any mold removal.  We waterproof places where mold grows, so it doesn’t.

Project Consulting

Have a custom project that you need done?  We are here with our team of experts to listen and advise.


What's Included

  • Years of experience.
  • Industry certified mold specialists from the NAERMC, OSHA, and NAMP .
  • Detailed mold reporting.

How it Works

  • Easy online booking.
  • A quick response.
  • Best practice equipment and techniques.

What to Expect

  • A thorough job.
  • Professional attitude.
  • Hassle free experience.

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