About Us

Experienced, certified, trusted mold company removal, air quality, and disinfecting experts. 

Our Services

Our Story

SpreadX is a tale of two people on a mission.  We came from humble beginnings in order to build the most effective mold inspecting, mold removal, air quality cleaning, and disinfecting service on the market today.  SpreadX has amassed the best technology, training, and certifications to eliminate germs, and mold in its tracks.  Our approach emphasizes providing the best mold removal, and disinfecting services, with the best professional attitude that the market has to offer.  We provide excellent customer service, and a constantly evolving knowledge base from all our people.

In this day and age, we are at a critical period in history, where protecting people’s health is a sacred endeavour.  Saving lives is central to our mission.  It is why we exist.  SpreadX sees mold removal, air quality cleaning, mold inspection, and disinfecting services to be a calling that makes the world a better, safer, cleaner place.

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What We Do

SpreadX is an industry leading, certified, insured, trusted mold company, and disinfection business.  Everyone on our team is held to the highest standard, and receives the best training, and equipment in order to tackle all of our customers needs.  We provide an easy online booking process, and exceptional customer service.

  • Mold Inspection and Assessments
  • Mold Removal and Inspection
  • Indoor Air Quality Cleaning
  • Disinfecting and Disinfection Services
  • Certified by the NAEMRC, and OSHA.
  • Follow CDC and EPA guidelines.

Experienced Employees

Our employees have years of experience in their respective expertise.  They go through extensive training in the latest technology and techniques in mold removal, mold inspection, indoor air quality cleaning, and disinfecting services. 

Satisfied Customers

SpreadX combines years of experience in mold removal, mold inspection, indoor air quality cleaning, and disinfecting services, with a top notch customer service attitude.  We are also fully insured.  With these factors combined, we promise customer satisfaction. 

Industry Certified

We are certified by the NAERMC, and OSHA to provide the most professional service out there.  We follow CDC and EPA requirements in order to transform your environment to the safest, cleanest place that it could possibly be.

Trusted Partners

Sometimes we have to partner with other agencies in order to provide exceptional service to our customers.  All of our partners are certified, and insured.  They too also believe in the tenants that guide us,  in order to keep you safe and healthy from germs and mold.