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Air quality can have a profound effect on your life.  Having clean air can lead to higher morale, better productivity, and a overall more hospitable environment for your friends and family.  If your air quality suffers from pollutants, so can your health.  SpreadX follows best practices to rid you of these.

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Experience Fresh Air 

Having clean air is something taken for granted by many.  It is something that exists in the background – a signal that everything is okay.  However, this can change, and become noticeable quickly.  They say smell is our most ancient of senses.  So when something smells bad, people notice.  It’s a signal that something isn’t right.  A bad smell can make people anxious immediately, and turn people off from being inside your property.  This is bad for family, friends, guests, and if you’re a business, your bottom line.

By hiring SpreadX, we restore the ambiance inside into a place that people want to experience.  With new ventilation, advanced monitoring, and the latest technology, we’re able to remove most unwanted smells.  We transform your place into a sanctuary.  Now, you and your people will be happy, healthy, and worry free when they are inside.  A sense of everything being okay.  A passive beauty of health, clarity, and invitation.  Experience the cleanest air quality, with SpreadX.


A Happy Home

A happy home starts with clean air.  If your air smells bad, people notice.  Bad health, bad smells, bad home.  Good health, no smell, happy home.

A Happy Friend

With clean air, your friends will be happy to be at your place.  Entertain people in confidence.  Share your place the way it was meant to be.

A Happy Customer

If people can’t breathe properly in your business, they won’t visit it.  Clean air shows that you care about them, and they will care for you.

Live A Healthy Life

The last thing you want is mold, bacteria, or volatile organic compounds in your air.  These can cause serious respiratory issues, leading to decreased productivity, mood, and health.  You own property in order to help you live, not hurt it.  Many times air quality problems are benign, but sometimes things like radon, carbon monoxide, and mold lead to serious health problems that affect you and the people you care about.

With SpreadX we use the most advanced technology, and trained personnel to restore your air quality to a place that keeps you happy, healthy, and safe.  Your place will return to being the sanctuary it deserves to be.  We follow EPA and CDC guidelines, and are heavily certified, with years of training.  We consistently monitor your property with modern sensors to make sure we catch air quality problems before they fully develop again.  With SpreadX, your health is our priority.

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Save Your Property Value

 Having poor quality air will detract people from wanting to be inside.  If people aren’t inside, your property has little value.  If you’re trying to sell your property, a bad smell, or a ventilation problem is an immediate turn off.  Nobody wants to buy something that is unpleasant to be in.  Same goes for if you’re a business.  If your place smells bad, it reflects poorly on your brand.  Customers may think there is something wrong with the product itself if the inside of your shop smells bad.  These are issues that you will want to correct, or else you could lose out on value.

SpreadX restores your air quality to its optimal levels, and monitors it for further problems.  You can be confident that after hiring us the value of your property will be restored.  No more worrying about lost value with SpreadX.


We are legally certified by the best in the business.  We have an emphasis on green cleaning as well, so your health is important.

Commercial Air Quality

Poor air quality in your business is a branding nightmare.  Use SpreadX to keep your air fresh and customers happy.

Residential Air Quality

Your home is your hearth, and if you can’t breath properly, you can’t live efficiently.  SpreadX cleans your air, so you can live happy, and free.

Best Customer Service

Our whole team is highly trained in not only mold inspections, but in how to listen to your needs.

Pro Odor Removal

While odors won’t kill you, they’ll kill your morale.  We control odors, so you can live in peace. 

Targeted Response

Indoor air quality problems are caused by many things.  We assess and address whatever that is, and fix it.

Identify Danger

Some indoor air problems are benign.  However, things like formaldehyde and asbestos can cause serious health problems.

Easy Booking

We make booking a mold inspection easy so you can spend your time on things that are important to you.

CDC & EPA Approved

We use the latest, EPA  and CDC approved techniques in order to keep your indoor air quality clean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Common Causes of Poor Air Quality?

The EPA has identified 6 compounds as being the main culprits of continuous, poor air quality.  Depending on your immune system, all of them can cause health issues.  Every one of these at the very least make your property a place people would rather not spend time in.

These compounds are lead, formaldehyde, radon, pesticides, biologicals like mold and bacteria, environmental tobacco smoke, and asbestos.  Most of those probably sound familiar to you, and not in a good way.  They can cause serious health concerns, like cancer.

When Should I Get Air Quality Cleaning?

Air quality problems present themselves in multiple ways.  Some are obvious, some are not.  The most obvious ones are when you smell a persistent, unpleasant odor that you cannot identify the source of.  If opening a window doesn’t remove this issue, then it might be time to call in a professional.

For the less obvious ones, problems might present themselves in more dangerous ways.  You could be consistently sick, noticing respiratory problems, and abnormally dry skin.  Worse case scenario, a doctor could diagnose a condition that indicates air quality problems.  Only by using advanced sensors, and EPA approved testing can you determine the cause.  This is where a licensed air quality professional comes into play.

Why Air Quality Cleaning?

Poor indoor air quality can be caused by many factors.  These could be mold, bacteria, volatile organic compounds released from appliances. Other causes include chemical fumes from paint/solvents, outdoor air pollutants such as factories, smoke, dust mites, and carbon monoxide.  No matter what it is, you don’t want these affecting your air. 

All of these factors can affect your health and overall well being by causing respiratory issues, unpleasant odors, and decreased morale.  At SpreadX, we use advanced technology, and government guidelines in order to address, and control the source of your indoor air quality problems.  This will result in better health, increased morale, and a place that you’re proud to show your friends, family, and collegues.

What's The Process

Doing mold testing and mold assessments is a delicate craft that requires extensive certification.  This is because one mistake can negatively impact the health of your indoor air quality.  Therefore, we use industry certified best practices in order to make sure that we assess your mold and indoor air quality concerns.  All of our employees have extensive training, and therefore avoid the mistakes that could negatively impact your health.

In many cases, it’s easy to fix your indoor air quality issues by just increasing circulation in the area.  However, sometimes this isn’t enough, and professional indoor air cleaning is required.  SpreadX is a NAERMC Certified Green Indoor Air Quality Specialist.  We use the latest equipment, and techniques.  Our processes follow EPA and CDC guidelines to make sure your indoor air and personal health are restored to optimal levels.

We interview all our clients about their problems.  We then visually inspect for issues.  This is followed by using advanced sensors. 

Depending on the source of the air pollutants, we use the necessary, EPA recommended equipment to remove the source of the air pollution. 

If the indoor air quality is affected by something that requires continuous monitoring, we install sensors that will warn you when problems arise.

How Much Ventilation Is Necessary for Good Air?

Adding more outdoor air to the indoors can help maintain a healthy degree of pollutants, smells, heat, moisture, and more.  All of these factors have an effect on the well being of the properties inhabitants.  The speed at which air enters a building from the outside is known as the air exchange rate.  

The EPA has guidelines for how much air exchange is necessary to maintain a comfortable level of homeostasis based on recommendations from the ASHAE.  They recommend that a household should have 0.35 air cycles per hour, and not less than 15 cubic feet of air being replaced every minute, per person, minimum.  This can be accomplished by exhausts for kitchens and bathrooms to help maintain a healthy level of moisture and pollutants.  

Why Choose SpreadX for Air Quality Cleaning?

We have certifications by the best in the business, such as OSHA and the NAERMC.  We follow EPA, OSHA, and CDC guidelines.  All of our employees are comprehensively insured with liability protection, so if there are any issues, you won’t be on the hook.  Our employees receive continuous training, so they are up to date on the latest and greatest techniques.

We also have exceptional customer service, and a full attention to detail.  We provide an easy way to book appointments.  We communicate with you through every step of the process.  After we are finished, we follow up, and make sure whatever measures unique to your situation continue to sustain themselves.  We simply provide you the best air quality service.


What's Involved In An Air Quality Consultation?

 An air quality expert will show up at your property at the time you selected on our easy online booking.  The expert will do a visual inspection of your property, while asking you questions that help identify the source of the issues.  This may be questions related to your health, as well as questions about the materials inside the house, your ventilation, and others. 

SpreadX uses the most advanced sensor technology to analyze the pollutants present, whether that be volatile organic compounds, dust, mold, bacteria, radon, formaldehyde, or one of the other common causes.  SpreadX’s indoor air quality expert will assess this and go over the options with you, as well as the cost that’s custom to your situation.  They will lay out the pros and cons, which will help you decide if you want to proceed or not with a cleaning.